Monday, February 7, 2011

Heart, Mind and Soul

It's admissions time on campus. I love meeting the kids who come in the library during their interviews; they have such wonder on their faces. I find myself dying to tell them why I believe Prep should be their number one choice, in fact they are standing in the perfect place to prove my point! Our library is a microcosm of the school. A smaller version of the larger story of our Prep community. A school with a heart!
Stay with me. You have the downstairs where kids gather to share ideas, secrets and their newest interests. It’s a place to be encouraged and to encourage friends, an opportunity for deeper teacher-student relationships. Younger kids are tutored by upper classmen. There is tons of laughter, sometimes tears, planning of prom dates, who will run for office, the newest trends. It is a place to show off art work, mini monologues, dance…just about anything is respectfully experienced here. It is where the “warm and fuzzy” happens!

Now take a walk up the staircase, through a foyer, take a deep breath and you will have entered the quiet, intellectual part of the library. Walls are lined with students on computers, deep in research. Packed with extremely focused, high achieving young people, yet you can hear a pin drop. It is the serious side.  It is the introspective place where you can curl up in a cozy chair and get lost in a book or just close your eyes and get rejuvenated.
There is no question, in my mind, that anyone who chooses Prep will receive a stellar education and be totally prepared for college. But, just as important they will be emotionally mature and ready for a new life! The whole person will have been cared for, heart, mind and soul!

-Mrs. Ursettie

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