Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Library, You Say?

Spontaneity in the Reading Room
You hear the word library--what immediately comes to mind?  Books?  Study rooms?  Computers?  Shushing librarians?  Yes, we definitely have all of those, but so much more happens here.  Authors speak, The Flintridge Press editors work on the latest edition, student artists display their work, the Arts Club hosts the annual poetry slam, students sign up for clubs, activities, Senate offices, and checking out laptops, senior leaders tutor, groups make videos for class projects, share iPods, do crossword puzzles and Sudoku, collect items for various charities, like the Cinderella Project...the list goes on and on.  We host somewhat unconventional, and sometimes unintentional events, like spontaneous dancing. 

And clowns.   

The entire cast, in all their glory
Sparknose debuted in the library last weekend, with a troupe of 17 amazingly talented student clowns, led by Ms. Bierman.  It was a creative use of our space, using both floors, the stairwell, the study rooms, and reading room.  Very cool.  And very Prep.

Mrs. Hodge

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