Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Visions of Denver

Denver's B-Cycles: Borrow one here; leave it over there.

The librarians set a course for Denver in a week. Won't you come along - virtually? It's going to be a meet-up of librarians from all over the United States and Canada. From Hawaii to New Hampshire; Toronto to Coconut Grove. Our common denominator: we are private school librarians, working with young people; making information and resources available to our school communities.

Our personal passions: as varied, wonderful and unique as we are. One of our group raises guide dogs, another is a rancher. Lots of us love to travel: to see things through a different lens, to deeply experience the moment we are in.

Each year we visit a different area. Last year, we descended on San Francisco, the year before - Nashville, and before that - Las Vegas. Part of the joy of the conference is seeing different areas of Canada and the United States; soaking up the geography, history and culture of the region. We enjoy seeing how the schools are regionally different, but essentially the same in their mission: ensuring access to information and resources and creating a supportive, warm environment for the students and school community.

Stayed tuned for more entries of the Rocky Mountain travel blogs...

Mrs. Eldridge

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