Monday, July 30, 2012

New Community Resource

The Newest Public Library
Not far from Prep, a new library has opened. Its sparkling freshness surprises you. Playfully, it re-defines the idea of library, and brings the scale to a new and delightful level.

Nestled in a mountain community northeast of Prep, this small-scale lending library creates an opportunity for socializing and sharing of resources.

Everything about the design invites the reader into the space
- your eye is drawn to the contents, visible through the door,
- your hand reaches for the latch, anticipating the softness of the covers as you draw your finger down the spines browsing the titles.
- your lips form a smile as you notice the star just below the peak of the roof.

Don't you wish you had one in your neighborhood?


  1. I love this! Where is it?!

    1. Nic - Here is a link to the community's blog: