Tuesday, January 15, 2013

If you bring desks….they will be used.

An unexpected display appeared in the library last week, just inside the entry doors, next to the rare book collection.

At first, it was a curiosity. “Why are these desks here?” Students politely examined the desks and moved deeper into the library.

Then, as the novelty faded, students began to occupy the desks.

Sometimes it was for their intended use as study desks, other times as a social gathering place. This afternoon, I observed a faculty member engaged in a tutoring session using the display desks.

 I’m not sure why the “occupy desks” movement makes us smile. It could be the curious and resourceful nature of our students. The library is their place, and students feel comfortable using it and exploring its resources. Or, it could be that in the form v. function debate, function trumps form: desks are for using, not display.

The desks on display illustrate the choices of furniture that will be used in the
 remodel of the 20s and 30s buildings.

-Mrs. Eldridge

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