Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Spies Like Us.

For 3 days last summer, tech training camp was where the action was: a fusion of technology and teaching. Along with a group of future teachers, I entered an alternate universe. 

The cover: Spies. Complete with official-looking badges and awesome passports.

The mission: to infiltrate the educational system and explore the connection between technology and the learning process.

Super-Special Agents briefed us – introducing tech tools -guiding our efforts.  As teams, practiced our nascent skills and shared discoveries with each other.
Along the way, I recognized the significance of the training camp –as a model of a

-         creative
  -          engaging
        -          collaborative
         and technically enhanced learning community.

Learning from the team was highly valuable – both in acquiring tech skills and in the exchange of ideas about how to use our new skills. 
The spy format kept us engaged and amused – it provided a creative platform for conversation and interaction: a way for the team to laugh and learn together.

At the end of our mission, it was clear that technology can enhance – and yet not overstep – the teacher/student learning experience.
The tech camp, Preparing Tomorrow’s Teachers Today Through Technology, was the result of a grant written to the U.S. Department of Education. Here is a link to some of the areas explored: http://sites.laverne.edu/ear/camp/

 Special thanks to Mala Arthur. I loved camp!!
-Mrs. Eldridge



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