Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Faces of Movember

Supporters of Movember in and around the Chandramohan Library at Prep:
Mo Bros hosting a Movember bake sale
Right outside the library's doors, bake sales are held (you can image how this could be good and bad at the same time). Today's sale featured delicious goodies - some hand made by members of the Men's Cross Country team at Prep. Besides the delicious assortment of baked goods, information was available explaining the Movember movement. Alumni James Woolley shared information and good cheer. Alex joined him at the table.

Scroll down. See more Mo Bros and Mo Sisters (surprise at the end):
Mo Bro in the downstairs library

Mo Bro in a study room
Mo Bros in the Conversation Nook
Mo Bros just outside the library
Librarian Mo Sisters
What! You are not surprised that we dressed the part?
 Today we put a different face on, mixing together community and activism in the library. 
-Mrs. Eldridge

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