Tuesday, February 10, 2015

It Starts.

photo by Simon Burchell from collection of British Museum
Alabaster statue of an Ocelot from Teotihuacan, 5th-6th century

Welcome to the ancient world. The birth of democracy and philosophy. The advent of assassination as a political tool. The rise and fall of civilizations and empires. Many lessons, many topics.

The ninth grade research paper writing process is officially on. Students are primed and ready; some are already deciding on topics. Wars, strategies, squabbles over land and sea, justice and injustice. We are about to dive in - to learn as much as we can in just a few weeks and to exit this process as changed individuals. Wiser. More accomplished as researchers and writers. Definitely more humble (speaking for myself here).

Grady Willard will join forces with Mr. Roffina's classes in March, guiding students through their final edits with his compassion and honesty, making suggestions in the Google Docs sidebar, meeting one-on-one with students. When Grady offers criticism, he brings you to a new way of thinking about your subject and method of organizing thoughts. He says the word "yes" a lot, and affirms your process and subtly guides you to a new understanding. You leave realizing that you've been critiqued, but not criticized.

It is time to dust off my memory of ancient things, to replay the Battle of Marathon, recall all things feudal, revisit the philosophers and thinkers. And to re-discover where I found that really great information last year. Game on.

-Mrs. Eldridge

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