Thursday, May 9, 2013

Saving for the Future

the archivist's tools
If you are lucky enough to have saved a bit of the very essence of your community’s history – then your next task will be daunting: preserving it.

Restoration project
Not to mention organizing it so it can be found again. The Maryland Archives is a treasury of artifacts - from flags and swords from the Civil War to marriage records and maps.

Block-by-block map with layers

This block-by-block map of Baltimore has layers of information – literally. A new scrap of paper was pasted over the building’s location on the map each time a business entity changed. The archivist uncovered the sequential history of the district (each scrap was carefully unglued) and, in the process; the cultural and economic story of the neighborhood came to life. Although the map was created by an insurance adjusting agency, today it lends voice to a story of neighborhood change, where the business climate changed from pickle factory, lumber yard and bath house to theater district.

Triangular Civl War Banner

The Maryland Archives left me in a state of awe, both for the institution’s awareness of the big picture (a clear vision of what defines historical significance) and the attention to detail that restoration and preservation merits.
Marriage records
-Mrs. Eldridge

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