Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Beautiful Baltimore

Mt. Vernon in bloom

Once a year, we change lenses and view the world from a different perspective. This year, Baltimore showed us grace, beauty and charm. From wide-open pastoral settings freckled with flowering cherry trees to inspiring workshops, we experienced Baltimore on a seriously deep level.

Our librarian conference brought over 100 school librarians together for three days of networking, school touring and information sessions.

 Besides the camaraderie and learning, what sticks with me about Baltimore is the sense of place. Sky-piercing church spires, neighborhood entrepreneurs and row houses nestled in the same block: places and spaces with stories to tell.

United Methodist Church, Mt. Vernon

At the lovely B&B where I stayed, none of the doors closed without a nudge, a jiggle or a fiddle to coax them into place. “Hey, this place was built ten years before the first shots of the Civil War,” my host explains, “things have settled a bit since then, and well, we just make allowances for that,” he adds. I loved staying close enough to walk to Red Emma’s bookstore and to a windfall of great eateries. After each day of touring Baltimore, my gracious hosts would ask excitedly what I’d seen – and then add a great story about Baltimore’s history to the day’s take of delights.

Next…..museums and archives.

Day trip to Annapolis

-Mrs. Eldridge

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