Friday, March 21, 2014

Here's looking at you.....


It’s been a busy week: class elections, seniors choosing topics for their American Identity papers, students preparing for tests and presentations, the happy excitement surrounding Mr. Flintridge Prep, an art show, a flash-mob of dancers (the prelude to “will you go to Prom with me?”). All this, and more.

When the activities at Prep reach a frenzied level, there is a solution: a few moments of deeply satisfying fish staring. Let your mind wander as you enter a salty underwater world. Watch the coral open and close their tiny circlet of tentacles. Observe the patterns of the darting fish. Discover the newest hiding place of the striped shrimp. Feel the relaxation….

A hearty and heart-felt thank you to the Marine Life club for bringing the idea to life. We appreciate the beauty of the tank as well as the excellent care it is receiving. What a nice addition to the ambiance in our lovely Chandramohan Library.


-Mrs. Eldridge

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