Thursday, April 10, 2014

Before the Chandramohan Library... is what the Jorgensen Library looked like--a single story and a bit smaller than the downstairs is now.  Just before the beginning of demolition, Mr. Bachmann wistfully looked over the magazine section.  The old library was the space where, as an English teacher, he directed a production of "Guys and Dolls!" 

The left side shows the group study space where the downstairs reading room is now.  The photo in the center shows Mr. Bachmann taking a last lap around the library just prior to dismantling and demolition.  The photo on the right shows the area where our 12 desktop computers lived, along with part of the reference collection. 
The class of 2007 wouldn't be able to use the Senior Patio (which you can see on the upper right, through the open door) or the Senior Lawn the following year because of the construction going on.  Although they were given Jorgensen Patio and the lawn across from it, it wasn't the same as the special place they'd looked forward to using for years.  AND, they would graduate before the opening of the new library!  As a consolation prize, we let the class of 2007 write messages all over the walls of the old library.  They ranged from "Thou shalt not write on walls--every mother to every child," to "Looking out this window, I see the patio that will never be ours.  Viva la revolucion!"  And we tried to get every student from the class of '07 to sign the "'07 Pillar".  Graffiti ranged from the humorous, to the absurd (like the entire song, "Dixie" written around the entire space), to the touching.  


Neither our current students, nor many of our teachers, knew the former library, with all of its quirks and craziness.  Just imagine the downstairs library, about 2/3 its current size, with over 100 students inside on a rainy day!  But we remember it fondly and offer a look at the pictures I took in those last days.  If you'd like to see more, please stop by and ask to see them!  We'd love to share them, as well as some great stories with you!
Mrs. Hodge



  1. I had almost totally forgotten about it looking like this...

    Next you should write about the trailer trash year!

    1. Good idea, Stephen! I'm unsure about whether I can locate photos from that era, but I'll start looking now!