Wednesday, March 2, 2011


L.A. Day sign-ups
There are many days when I look up at our counter and feel overwhelmed by everything on it, but before I begin to hyperventilate and have a “fit” I remember that most of it has a good purpose and that it is, in fact, the perfect home for what is there.

I can hardly remember what our counter top looked like with nothing on it!  At first glance it is truly overwhelming. On the one side you have many opportunities to be as busy as you want. Today you can: sign up to volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House, attend a baking seminar, and participate in the Film and Music Festival. If you are a sophomore, you can apply to be a committee head for JPD, a senior boy, Mr. Flintridge Prep, and senior girl, Emcee for Mr. Flintridge Prep!  On the opposite side you will find what you need to do take care of school business: sign out sheet for lap tops, the school newspaper, bulletin announcements, facility requests, activity proposals, community service information, and login information for JSTOR…whewwww!  Not interested in any of these? Just wait a minute and there will be more!  We have just about anything you could ever want!

Mrs. Ursettie

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