Monday, March 21, 2011

I Want/Don't Want a Kindle

I truly believe in change.  I do.  But some of my best childhood memories are found in the pages of a good book…a physical book.  I loved the feel of the well-worn pages, the musty smell of the children’s reading room of the North Hollywood Regional Library, browsing the stacks to find my next read, and talking to Mrs. Gould, my favorite librarian.  Fast forward to the 21st century and The Kindle.  I’m told over and over, “It’s GREAT!  I can load hundreds of titles on it, it weighs next to nothing, and there’s no glare reading outside.”   It does sound great…the promise of taking numerous books with me on vacation without weighing down my luggage, downloading free classics, no pages flapping around me while reading on my patio.  I’m a woman poised between two worlds.  I fear leaving behind libraries as we know them, seeing Vroman’s and other bookstores close, & ultimately losing the physical book altogether.  I appreciate much about library technology…no more real ‘card’ catalogs, the ability to find timely information in a flash, downloading music on iTunes, keeping in touch with my kids & old friends via Facebook .  I know it’s not all bad. 

My Kindle is still in perfect condition

So here it is…”the box”.   This was a Christmas gift from my husband—the very same husband who heard me say, “I know I’ll eventually want a Kindle, but I’m just not ready yet.”  This is as far as I’ve gotten since I tore the colorful wrapping off the package.  It’ll happen.  I’ll open the box…just not today. Meanwhile, you’ll have to excuse me.  My bookshelves beckon.      Mrs. Hodge

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