Friday, March 11, 2011

What's the worst book you've ever read?
To some, the answer comes quickly. Ask others, and there follows a long, thoughtful pause.

Our Middle School Library Advisors group posed this question to the student body - and the display upstairs in the library holds the answer - a selection of "the worst." The advisors seeded the display with their own worst titles, then opened the question to other students who put books and short reviews into the display case.

How do you define worst?
Is it boring? Offensive? Is the main character someone you just can't relate to? What if the the book makes you angry, or anxious? Sometimes, I get annoyed with the choices that the main character makes. But does that make a book the worst?

The display case is full. Some titles are expected. Some are surprising. Like Twilight. It's not in the case, although more than a few students suggested it. Twilight is a title that is both wildly popular, but also widely disliked. Why isn't it in the case? Because all three of our copies are currently checked out.

I've enjoyed the conversations circling around this display.
No bland discussions here.
Plenty of opinions, passion and diverse viewpoints.


  1. What a fun (and thought-provoking) exhibit. I'll definitely take a look the next time I'm at the library.

  2. I don't believe in burning books, but if I did ... The Girl in the Box by Ouida Sebesstyen would probably the first one that I'd toss on the grill!