Monday, April 1, 2013

5 Things You Can Get at a Library - besides books, magazines and the Internet.....

(spoiler alert: some librarians travel to other libraries - to compare, to "borrow" ideas, become inspired, and revel in library-ness. While this may seem alarmingly nerdy, I can assure you- it's fun.)

If I could, I'd visit every library in the world. Until then, the Internet makes for fine virtual traveling. Here's a sampling of things you can get from libraries other than books, magazines and access to Internet:
Monty, the circulating stress-reliever. Photo used with permission.

1. Dog. Got stress? Check out Monty, the antidote for stress at the Lillian Goldman Yale Law Library. Last week, Monty visited with students, braving cold, wet weather and rolling on the library rug.*

2. Seeds. Spring is here. At Basalt library in Colorado spring planning begins at the library. Not only with gardening books, but with seeds. The library is checking out seed packets selected especially for the area and hopes that library patrons will "return" the seeds after growing and harvesting the "borrowed" seeds from their gardens this year.

3. Office space. Need temporary space to work? Network? Meet? Urban Office in Finland has space for you. You can book a meeting room and even presentation equipment. In 2010, the Helsinki Public Library opened Urban Space and has added two additional spaces for community members to use.

4. Involved. Become an information producer. "Library You" at Escondido Public Library helps patrons showcase their talents. The series of "how to ......." videos are fun and informative.

5.Gems. Beyond the walls of the library are gems: rare and exotic books that exist in faraway locations. The service, Extramural Interlibrary Loans can bring them to you. Recently the book, Two letters of Dom Alvaro de Noronha from Hormuz: Turkish activities along the coast of Arabia, 1550-1552 was loaned to a patron doing research for a doctoral thesis. Steven Kilgore, the librarian in charge of the service, queries: "Isn’t it interesting how a title of one book can inspire you to probe outside the walls of your known universe into the past and ask questions...?"

The folks who work at libraries are innovative. They listen for ideas and look for opportunities to involve their community with the library. They are good listeners. Anything you'd like to say?

Mrs. Eldridge

*I found out about Monty's latest activities by chatting with Sarah, a librarian at Lilian Goldman Yale Law Library, last week. Check out the floating chat icon on the link to the library, it's cool.

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  1. When I was in grad school, the public library had framed art prints to check out. My apartment was always adorned with uber-classy art! On a student budget, this was perfect.
    S. Hodge