Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Book spine poetry

April is National Poetry Month, which I’m sure you have all highlighted on your calendars.  To commemorate these 30 days of all manner of verse, we have a display in the upstairs glass case, with lovely poems created with titles from book spines.  We are inviting students to create their own poems to add to our display.  If you think poetry isn’t your thing, consider reading a children’s book, Love that Dog, by Sharon Creech, which will also be in the case; it could change your mind about poetry forevermore. 

Watch for the annual Poetry Slam, held in the lower library reading room, for another chance to share a favorite poem, or two.  Consider carrying a copy of a poem on April 18th, which is “Poem in your Pocket Day.”  Surprise your friends during lunch, as you regale them with verse, be it humorous, dramatic, intense, or romantic.  For you prom-goers, never underestimate the power of a poem recited during the evening.  You can make your evening even more magical!

Mrs. Hodge

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